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Workrave is a tool which could be installed in computer for monitoring the usage of computer by end Users. This tool is basically developed to make the users not to sit continuously in front of a computer. Sitting in front of a computer may cause repetitive strain injury. It urges the users of the computer to take breaks. Workrave is compatible with both windows and Linux.


Workrave has rather extensive configuring options. The timer keeps ticking monitoring the usage of the user in front of the computer. During breaks the timer stops ticking. The timer also pauses if it detects the non-usage of a computer. User can define how long the break should be. There are three types of break which could be configured by the user. It’s up to the user to configure how they needs their input devices to be while taking the break. Break times when popped on the screen can be postponed or skipped by the user. There is also an option to set the limit as to how many times they break can be postponed. There are three types of break in Workrave: Micro, Rest and Daily breaks.

Micro Break: The default setting for this type of break is 3 minutes. The user has to look away from the screen for 30 seconds. It’s up to the user to set the time for which they intends to take a break. A pop up comes up encouraging the user to take their hands off from the input devices and asking to look away from the screen.

Rest Break: This break is a little longer break and it encourages the user to move away from the computer. The user can use this break for coffee or lunch break. During this time, some exercises, pops up, if not disabled by user. The exercise is demonstrated by a lady in computer which could be followed by the users. These exercises when performed relax shoulders, muscles and eyes.

Day Break: This break monitors the total number of hours user uses the computer in a day. The default is set for four hours, but it is customizable by the user. When this time is reached, Workrave prompts the user to stop using the computer for the rest of the day and to concentrate on the other tasks.


Main Difference between Workrave and other softwares is that it has three types of breaks and the timer pauses if input devices are not used for a few seconds. Other tools similar to Workrave are Break taker, RSIBreak and 5 minute break to name a few.


Pop ups to take breaks can be annoying sometimes. But it’s best to be used for people who work in computer for longer intervals as they tend to forget the need to take breaks in between their work. Hence, it’s advisable to set the time and follow as it is good for the body and prevents strain.


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