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Finding a helpful dictionary for the computer system is a handy task as many of those does not satisfy the user’s need. Web is such a useful application that provides all possible support that user wants while using any dictionary application. Also this application has some extraordinary features like interactive and advanced search options, large database, online suggestions and many more. WordWeb is a light weighted application having user-friendly interface, which allows all user to use this application easily.


Dictionary is an important part of a user as it always helps user in enhancing their knowledge. WordWeb is also a useful application which enables user to make instant search for the word and gives its meaning more specifically and perfectly. The application not only provides the meaning of the word user searched for but also its synonyms and antonyms. This application has a large database and supports various languages so user can search meaning of any word of any language. On the start up, the application asks user to select the type of language they speaks and understand so that the application shows the result according to this. However, user has the power to change it anytime. With the help of this application user can even search for all grammatical parameters like noun, pronoun, verb and adverb of the word, which is a useful feature of this application.

Additionally, WordWeb provides user the facility of installing the application either on the computer system or on any external disk. Another important and useful feature of this application is that it doesn’t use any popular website for providing meanings but work with their own database over 200,000 words which are updated at regular time intervals. There are various set of hotkeys that are used to operate the application using keyboards and the most important thing is that user can change these hotkeys and assign them in the way they want. The application keeps all information of the searched words so that user can see it anytime. WordWeb has a user-friendly interface which allows all users to operate it easily. The help contents by the application make beginners use this application comfortably. Also it is a light weighted which does not affect system’s performance and allow user to operate other application at the same time.


Other applications having same operating mechanism like WordWeb are Ultimate Dictionary, Techmaster and Dictionary.Net. But the number of useful features like instant search, large own database, hotkeys based operating, customization possibility, search record makes WordWeb the best application of this category. Also it provides the facility of external installation which means user can install application externally and use it anywhere by plugging that external disk.


WordWeb comes is a light weighted application having user friendly interface, easy and to the point operating mechanism, interactive and advanced search with all grammatical parameters as well. This application also provides help wizard to support user in case of any confusion. Also, the application does not affect user’s system performance, which gives facility of using other application freely.


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