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WISE-FTP is a powerful File Transfer Protocol (FTP) utility that allows the users to upload and download the files from FTP server very easily. Apart from file transfers, it does additional functions which are best suited for a professional user.


WISE-FTP is a professional File Transfer Protocol client that can be connected to any FTP server through the internet. This program supports protocols such as FTP, SFTP (secure), FTPS, and FTPES. It comes integrated with a lot of security features and the file transfer occurs at the maximum security level. The user can set up an FTP connection with the built in step by step wizard easily. Unlimited number of FTP connections can be managed. This application has a multi-tabbed/multi-panel interface using which, the user can navigate through the folders on both the remote and local computers at a time. The layout can be totally customized based on the user’s preference. The user can hide the panels and icons, sort the items based on their name, date, type, and size. The site information can be backed up and it can be imported and exported easily.

This program has a predefined list of servers which are displayed as different categories such as antivirus, games, government sites, hardware, internet, magazines, music, software, sports and web browsers. The user can easily search for files on the remote server, create new directories, rename the items and edit the files directly using the built-in HTML editor. The files such as text documents and codes can be edited with the integrated editor. The built-in editor is power packed with lots of features that helps the user to print the information, perform basic editing options (such as cut, copy, and paste), switch between the preview and display modes and search the whole document, etc.

This application comes with an advanced task planner that allows the users to schedule various downloading, uploading and synchronization tasks within a particular or specified period of time. The tasks are automated and are carried out on the specified schedule. The task can be set to repeat daily, weekly and monthly. Once the task is completed, the user can be notified by email. In addition to this, the program offers various time-saving features such as the simultaneous transmission that can handle a large number of files at a time, macro recorder functionality and much more. The user can set custom keyboard shortcuts to work faster.

WISE-FTP has many security features and they are left with the user’s choice. The files can be encrypted with world’s secure algorithms and the user can choose which one to use. Various scripts, macros, SSH keys can be generated. To increase the security, the user can limit the number of login attempts and transfer speed.


Some alternatives of WISE-FTP are CuteFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla and more. CuteFTP also has some power-packed security features but they are not customizable by the user and they are predefined. SmartFTP has a lot of additional features such as cloud storage integration, Mode Z compression and more. But, SmartFTP cannot be used to manage the large number of files at a time.


WISE-FTP is a robust program with customizable security features. It can handle large number of sites at the same time swiftly. WISE-FTP has a user-friendly interface that can be easily used by any newbie user.


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