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WirelessMon is a type of software tool, which helps in checking the status of any wireless WiFi adapter. It collects data about the wireless access points as well as hotspots.


WirelessMon Pro can record the information it gathers into a file and also offer complete graphing of the signal level, real time IP in addition to 802.11 WiFi statistics. The Professional version has all of the features of WirelessMon whereas the standard version has a number of restrictions. One of the main features of the pro edition is that it tests whether the Wi-Fi hardware and also the device drivers are working properly. The program offers substantial information about every SSID it traces including whether the Access Point is protected or not and its accessibility for use. A chart of live channel usage gives information about the level of traffic for all of the available channels. Such information will assist the network managers by denoting the channels, which could be used to lessen interference and develop throughput.

The Professional Edition of the system is really very advanced as it has some of the extra capabilities to create coverage maps on the basis of the signal strength of each of the detected APs. In order to utilize this function, one has to import a map generated by some other applications. When the map is loaded, it is possible to plot the points manually on map, or apply a device of Global Positioning System. If it is carried out manually, then a point on the map is selected and the program saves information in an automatic manner on every AP, which it can identify there. The GPS users have to set up two reference points, and then they can leave it to the software to spot their site on the map and save the AP information for every point.


WirelessMon Pro can be compared to Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, which is a very effective tool for troubleshooting and controlling the Wi-Fi network on a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. WirelessNet View is also a small utility, which operates in the background, and checks the action of wireless networks nearby. Skype WiFi intended for Windows 8 also helps to link to public wireless hotspots by means of the Skype credit. It is perfect for those who are traveling with a Windows 8 tab or notebook. Easy WiFi Radar is another system, which will connect to open hotspots in automatic way and shows exactly what it is performing in an animated radar screen. Again inSSIDer is a solution that will assist in searching for the wireless networks in nearby areas and in controlling the strength of the signals.


WirelessMon Pro is a Wi-Fi networks scanner, which creates a map of any nearby networks, find interference and optimize the direction of the antenna. It also determines the speed of Wi-Fi. Due to the GPS support, the system marks the location of the hotspots on map.


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