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With the growing wireless networks we get connected to in a single day, very often we find ourselves stuck while remembering the passwords of all these networks. It gets really frustrating at times even. A simple way to overcome this problem is to have one software which can retrieve the passwords of the networks with which our system was once connected. WirelessKeyView does exactly that. It retrieves the passwords of the wireless networks and shows them in a clean and simple interface.


This small wireless password recovery tool does more than what its name says! Some of the main features include:

  • You don’t have to install this software! Just run the .exe file and you are good to go.
  • Simple and nice interface for easy accessing.
  • Nice layout of tabs thereby, stating clear information of not only your ASCII password but also the Hex key along with the Adapter information.
  • Just hit ALT + Enter to pop out a properties window. You can edit text there.

WirelessKeyView is small and very easy to use. You just have to run it and it does its job perfectly! Though your PC might pop out a warning message saying it has found a Trojan or something in the software, don’t panic. There isn’t any virus. It’s just that your antivirus mistakes this software for a malicious Trojan attack. It’s the only con of this software.


WirelessKeyView has many clones available in the market. Many have copied the idea and made out a new one with a different name. But all of these work on the same ground principle of retrieving stored Wi-Fi passwords. One of the competitors for this software is the Wi-Fi Password Revealer by the magical jelly bean. Well, to be honest, you won’t really find any difference between these two softwares as they are exactly the same and work the same way.

Additionally, the WirelessKeyView is much smaller and handy when compared to the other ones. The rest of the features are all just the same.


WirelessKeyView is a very handy software for anyone who uses Wi-Fi very often now-a-days. Although the software only shows you the HEX code and not the original password you have entered, don’t worry. You can still log in to the network using this code. With its tiny size and installation-free environment, this software can be carried around anywhere easily and helps you retrieve the saved passwords from any computer. Since its first version, this software has been updated many times and got better.


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