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WinToFlash mainly extracts the information of a Windows installation and emits it on a USB drive that is bootable. It therefore elongates the existence of your Windows package considering that compact discs are extremely sensitive. USB flash drives on the other hand, are more flexible and less sensitive. 


In the olden days, editions of original Windows would come on a CD hence extreme care was required when dealing with the disk. Incase of a tiny scratch, content integrity and successful installation could be affected. It is for this reason that a package backup is highly recommended, most preferable on a more reliable, convenient and less sensitive device.

This software is able to transfer operating systems in your Windows from DVD or CD to a USB flash drive. It also has features that provide support for Windows; Vista/XP/2003/2008 covering all editions including: Media, Home, Professional and Ultimate. When transferring data to other devices one needs to have a formatted USB flash drive, WinToFlash provides for room to perform the operation from within the application. When using WinToFlash there is not any installation that is needed making it friendly and simple to use.
The software requires only a one time configuration of the wizard. After the configuration of the wizard, one is then guided through the process with very limited steps leading to completion. This process ensures that the user applies minimal efforts in selecting the source DVD/CD and the location of the output. Other outstanding features of this software range from the ability to remove the read-only attribute from the files. It also makes it possible to develop several folders, check errors and copy files. Events can be viewed in many different languages.


With a difference to other software designed for the same purpose, WinToFlash functions in a unique manner in the sense that it copies operating systems for your Windows in a very seamless way. In comparison to other opponents, this software is simplified to facilitate ease of use and enhance performance. There are no installations required unlike with other software. WinToFlash allows for creation of structured folders, checking of errors in the USB drive and copying of files. Viewing of events is done through the service tab which avails multiple languages.
WinToFlash as a software gathers support from many Windows editions. Creating the bootable USB drive using WinToFlash takes considerably less time giving a satisfying outcome. There are several options and choices of using and performing tasks with this software; one allows the accomplishment of difficult commands like creation of emergency boot loading and disk formatting.


To sum up all, WinToFlash appears and proves a discovery well thought of and developed to cater and meet the needs of the Windows installation market that mainly relies on CD/DVD drives. It has ensured the safe storage of data and facilitated the ease by which the same information can be transferred to different storage devices. With the media shifting swiftly to the cloud and the optical drives drifting back to old age, WinToFlash ushers in a more advanced and safe way of data storage. With all these in place, Windows edition stares at a life time existence.


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