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Winstep Nexus is typically a hyper active professional dock for windows. A dock is basically defined as a user interface feature, a toolbar which most of the operating systems possess, is a method that allows the user to launch, to access and to switch between applications efficiently. Winstep Nexus, being a free dock for windows, with its ability to switch to applications with just a single mouse click makes it exceptionally useful. To switch to even better user experience, the developers have provided an option to opt for the Nexus Ultimate, which is available as a stand-alone software or as a part of Nexus Xtreme.


The dock is usually substantial in the default setting provided by the developers, but various changes in the configurations can be made to suit your needs. The icon size is of desktop icons by default, which too can be changed. Winstep Nexus displays all the running applications associated with the dock and does filtering when required. The mouseover effect is another attraction for the users where the movement of mouse cause tingling effects like swing, bounce and blur. The tray is completely customizable, and skins can be applied to it for all the third party docks. The Winstep Nexus gives an option to create multiple docks, and classify application under sub-docks. The items and applications can be categorized into some of the user defined shelves called the Tabbed docks. Some exclusive features given only by the Nexus Xtreme are that it can display the running apps of particular shelves too. Themes can be brought to life in this version of Nexus just by a single click along with ability to rearrange shelves by simple drag and drop.


Winstep Nexus takes a big lead from other popular docks like Rocket-dock and Object-dock. Nexus, as compared to both is able to replace the taskbar and has an icon tray for easier access. When it comes to special effects, nexus has a huge variety of special effects on the event of deleting an item, placing a mouse on an item, adding item, etc. Though the performance is not the best, but still manageable.


Docks in general are a great utility for people who need to access applications in fraction of seconds. Winstep Nexus is one of the best-rated docks in the market, all because of user friendliness and ease to use the software. This free dock has everything one would need for regular use. Nexus comes with an abstract option to pin an application to the dock too. Constant weather updates, support for every latest windows version, auto hide, auto collapse make it irresistible.


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