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WinPatrol is a light weight utility program that helps its users to be protected and secured from spywares, adwares and other nasty programs. All of the spywares and Trojans are responsible for the security breach of user’s personal and other potential data. WinPatrol helps user by alerting them about the uncaused use of authorities by any application.


WinPatrol is a utility that will help its user fight against Trojans, malwares and other spywares. These are the sort of virus programs that tends to hijack or take over controls of any computer in which it is installed. Finding such program is a very tedious task as many of the famous Antivirus applications are not able to indulge in this operation. Using WinPatrol is very simple as it has a very simple user interface with all of the functions appearing on the main screen. All the functions are categorized into their respective tabs for a better understanding to the user.

There are many features that this wonderful one of a kind application works with. Starting with startup manager, it automatically sorts out settings for startup and sets up a monitoring system to detect any unusual addition of the program in the startup. If any program is found violating the rules, it will alert the user with the screenshot of the program. Moreover, the applications can be set to delayed startup for fixing the system performance. Users can also view the running task and modify the same using this application. WinPatrol also allows monitoring browsers such as internet explorer, chrome and Mozilla to check if any spyware entered to the system. Using this application, hidden file can also be monitored as many spywares makes themselves hidden.


WinPatrol is one of a kind app, as no other app is found to be in the category of this application. Main feature of this app is to detect spyware, adware or Trojans by continuously monitoring the users system for some unusual processes in the system. There are other antivirus and anti-malware application that are intended to detect and fix the user’s system by either deleting or repairing the spywares. WinPatrol is a bit different application and cannot be consider as similar application, as it do not removes the spywares or other malicious programs automatically; rather it will alert the user to be taken care of. Also, it has some other features too that will upgrade the system performance.


WinPatrol takes over the control of detecting unusual suspicious activities taking place in users system. There may be various suspicious activities going on in the users system such as addition of a program at startup, change in priorities of a running application, intervention of a toolbar in a browser and many others. WinPatrol does the simple task of monitoring all such activities, if any of the process is found violating the defined rules, it will alert the user about that application. There is no other similar application to be compared with.


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