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Every personal computer comes with default system management tools, to keep up the performance of the system. Even after the presence of such tools, it is seen that computers and similar devices are prone to lag and malfunctioning. The cluttering and lag in performance is usually due to undeleted temporary files, improper installation of third party applications and registry files residing in system memory for long periods. WinOptimizer Free has been designed on these guidelines, to improve systems’ performances, making PCs faster and more responsive.


A computer is always running processes in background, installing and uninstalling programs, leaves some temporary and registry files behind. If this unnecessary data is not cleaned regularly, it leads to production of digital garbage, which degrades the performances of a system. Available for free, WinOptimizer is the solution to ease our pain. The software is configurable according to user needs, and allows pupil to configure and function the system the way they want it to function. Predictive disk defragmenter collects amount of defragmented modules in the system and cleans it. Drive cleaner is provided to eradicate the redundant data and brings out better results. Also, the winOptimizer Free is SSD friendly. During the installation, the wizard asks if the windows is installed on an SSD instead of the conventional hard disk, as some of the features apply to hard disk only. The software’s modules perform everything, from deleting registry files to temporary files, creating backups and spyware. Context menu manager, favorites tab, one-click optimizer and antispy modules are some intelligent provisions.


In the era where any computer is not safe, optimizers play a highly important role in maintaining their performance. Basically, WinOptimizer Free does it all. It acts more than a software. This software can maintain, report, recover, repair and manage configurations and system option for optimal performances. Among all these processes, the data security and authenticity is never compromised unlike many other software.


WinOptimizer is clearly one of the standout choices to opt among various windows optimizers available. File wiper option wipes un-useful data and creates free space on the disk. With better detection rates, registry optimizers and drive cleaners maintain system’s performance. Everything and that to for free makes this optimizer a clear choice to go for if optimization is needed. Though some other optimization utilities are available online, but there have been problems in all of them regarding disk cleanup and overall output timings.


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