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WinMend Folder Hidden is meant for assisting you in keeping the files and folders secret. Application like this is quite essential when you start making your system accessed with various other users.


Initially when you begin with the tool with its clear, sleek and interactive interface, you need to provide a password. It provides the flexibility of changing it afterwards as well. It means the user can bring files and folders through the file browser. You can have the drag and put option as well.

The tool is too simple to deal with.

Users first need to hit the “Set to hide” icon. Within a very short while the position alters from “visible” to “secret” in the list. It always provides you with the option of picking the entire set of files and folders over the stack. You can make them organized as well in accordance with the name or position. In addition, the application leaves you with the option of unmarking (or cancelling a selection) afterwards if you realise you have done it mistakenly. The user is always having the option of witnessing the track of a chosen file or folder.

Users can also make it hidden, unhidden, activate, deactivate the stack, and at the same time you can alter the interface language, display and security options as well.

  • Too simple and Least Resource Consuming

The complete package is damn simple in terms of architecture that enables anyone whether a beginner or expert to get used-to with it. Apart from this, it involves least amount of system resource usage as well. The tool consumes only 2.4MB of your system resource.

  • Mark the Point

WinMend Folder Hidden is an efficient tool. The unique part about the application is that it never asks about the older password while bringing changes with the password options. On this context, it is advised that you must close the application well prior leaving with it. However, the application is the finest customisation when it comes about keeping things secret. This is like a must recommendation for the professionals.


There are many other applications available in market with similar functionalities. You can take the example of Free Hide Folder, Mac Hider, or Hide Folder as example. However, WeMend Folder Hidden is way ahead of all due to its higher level of customisation option in terms of security. It involves least risk, and consumes least resource as well.


WeMend Folder Hidden is a fantastic option for professional as well as personal usage. When you are having tools like this the hesitation of sharing your system, or working straight from home gets minimal. It has been thoroughly tested and involves least bugs or malware kind of issues.


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