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Windows XP is probably the most popular operating system from Microsoft, after Windows 98. Even though the official support, development and all further updates has been shut down by Microsoft few months ago, people still use Windows XP and this trend will continue some more years since all these PCs can’t just update to a much higher configuration overnight. Service Packs are usually software updates that contain bug fixes, improvements and new features that the previous versions didn’t have. All these system updates are packed into a single executable or bootable installer for convenient installation and these are called service packs. Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD Image contains every improvement that was made till SP3 by Microsoft. Since this package contains all files; it saves a lot of time if you ever need to re-download all SP files.


Almost every issues related to Windows XP SP2 has been fixed in the service pack 3. The CD Image disc contains the whole of it, which would come handy if you ever require the full installation disk. Windows XP SP2 had compatibility issue with few software; running those software would show a BSOD (blue screen of death) which was indeed very annoying. Microsoft tried their best to remove any software conflict that SP2 has had.

Since the CD contains every previously released updates; you can roll back if you want. There isn’t any one click method though. You have to uninstall the whole operating system and install only specific updates of it. Not much convenient but at least there is the option to do it.

This image file could be burnt to a CD for easier storage and installation. Users who would like to have an offline installation disk handy could easily burn this file into a disk and perform the necessary tasks. Even though the service pack 3 CD image files were found to be working correctly and perfectly; Microsoft still released an installation note. It suggests the Dynamic Retail Management System (RMS) users to perform a hotfix installation before the actual installation of Windows XP SP3.


Of course the third service pack is better than the previous two versions. Since this disk contains all those updates; it really can be compared with other versions. However, if the comparison takes place between Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8; then probably Windows 7 will win the run. After Windows XP; Windows 7 is the most used version.


Speaking of Microsoft Windows operating systems; they are mostly used all over the world. Windows XP was topping the list; however, maybe it still does. Since if you still need this older version of Windows now, you should download this CD image since this contains all the software updates of Windows XP of all times.



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