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It is clearly known that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is basically used to transfer files and related data over a network. It is not necessary for every machine to be able to make transfers from one system to another in a network with the default browsers and its compatibilities. Windows Terminal Services FTP is an FTP client that allows the transfer of files from Remote Server to a Remote Client within a network.


To transfer some files over the network using FTP, there is a need for Server Resource toolkit required to be installed on the system. Without the presence of the mentioned, it is not possible to make transfers, which then usually calls for the installation of additional server/client FTP to enable the transfers. This means that installing Windows Terminal Services FTP cuts down the need to run any kind of additional servers and thus saves the effort by not making it necessary to open additional ports. The basic advantage of Windows Terminal Services FTP is that there is literally no need to install separate server programs or additional ports. The user simply can go for the installing the software’s client/server modules, which in turn can provide the user with a FTP type interface. What this connection does is that it establishes a transfer session, where transfer of files can be made from client to server and vice versa. Some of the perks of Windows Terminal Services FTP include the likes of capabilities to control the speed of transfer of files and even an option to resume with the broken downloads or transfers of files between certain systems. The interface is not as user friendly as expected, but even minor improvements in it can make a lot of difference in terms of user experience.


The competition of software providing facilities of FTP is always tough and it all falls down to specific user requirements and what is needed out of the software. While Windows Terminal Services FTP scores considerably in the fields of performance, modules provided in the software and related packages and ability to transfer files efficiently, it also goes for some scratches in the areas of user interface and scope for considerable improvement.


Windows Terminal Services FTP is quite a complete package for TS (Terminal Services) transfers and FTP client/server exchanges. With characteristics of resuming broken downloads, seamless connectivity via FTP components and relief from opening separate ports, the software makes it irresistible to avoid using it. Windows Terminal Services FTP gives everything a TS session and transfer would possibly need.


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