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Posting content on a blog is a fairly simple process. At the very core of every blogging platform, there is an online text editor which allows bloggers to pen their posts down. The editor also has basic HTML and photo editing capabilities built-in to support tags and thumbnails. With Windows Live Writer, Microsoft has taken the basic text editor and turned it into a powerful tool to make writing even easier. It comes bundled with Windows Essentials 2012.


Windows Live Writer has incorporated some very important features to help maximize the productivity of writers. Microsoft has ensured ease of use by making the sign in process as simple as typing in the URL, username, and password of your blog. Live Writer supports all major publishers including, Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal. It has native support for all HTML elements and supports dragging and dropping when it comes to handling images. Not only this, the software also helps writers by automatically downloading the stylesheet of their blogs, which helps Windows Live Writer to offer the most important feature, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This enables the writers to see the post exactly as it would be displayed on their finally published webpage. The vast list of features goes on, from the ability to add maps to be able to sync past posts through editing and of course, the offline support.


There are several other softwares, with a variety of features to compete with Windows Live Writer. The most prominent ones are Zoundry Raven, Qumana, and Blogdesk. They have similar number of features, for example, Windows Live Writer and Raven, both, offer support for photo sharing websites like Flickr, etc. However, Raven and Blogdesk has not been updated since 2009 and there is very little support for them, even in the online forums. Qumana, on the other hand, is not entirely free and offers in-app purchases.


Unfortunately, with the launch of Windows 8, a major chunk of the Windows Live Essentials software bundle has been out of development. The sad news is that Windows Live Writer will not be updated or improved, as it has been discontinued as of October 2012. That being said, there are a few alternatives to it and at the same time, online editors have become as easy to use as Live Writer.


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