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Nothing can be better option than a Windows Live Messenger when no means of communication is working. It is a best and instant way to chat with family, friends and clients also, at any time by just being online. As it is said that necessity is the mother of invention, so the requirement for immediate communication has boomed the market of Windows Live messenger. A user can chat with Windows Live messenger without any limitation and restrictions, user just have to download the messenger through internet and have to install it, log in with Hotmail account and after that user can start chatting.


The features of a Windows Live Messenger are countless. Likewise it provides the facility of instant chatting, sharing of documents and files, video chatting or calling, messages with time stamp, personal computer to personal computer calling, offline notices or notifications. Also user can chat with a group of friends or clients at the same time. User can play games on WLM. Other than that, it is free of cost and you can download every latest version of it after its launch and can enjoy the advanced feature of every version.


There are a lot of things are present in the Windows live messenger which make itself a competitor of others , it has facility of social integration it means that user can integrate to social networks while using it and get updates from there in full view. User can be available to particular persons as per their personalization for each user. It has also an album viewer facility in which photos can be seen which are shared on social networking sites. It is also available for mobile applications nowadays.


All in all, essence is that Windows live messenger is such a medium of communication that while using it you can get other benefits also like games, watching photo albums, video chat, file sharing, offline messaging , applications and a lot more. It is available for most of the operating systems and is compatible, inter-operable, reliable and fast and user-friendly too on all those operating systems. So basically it is a complete application to use and to take benefit of each and every service of it after all it has approximately more than 27 million active users universally.


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