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Windows Easy Transfer is a piece of software which allows users to back up and transfer files and settings between different computers and devices. This is particularly useful when you are upgrading to a newer Windows operating system, as it works with Windows 2000 onwards. Items which can be transferred through the program include files such as music, photos, documents and email messages – applications cannot be transferred using Windows Easy Transfer.


Transferring files can be done either by using a transfer cable, a computer network, a CD or DVD recorder, a USB drive or an external hard drive, making it a flexible way of transferring files for users. Being able to transfer settings from programs such as Microsoft Office easily is very useful. In Windows 7, the Windows Easy Transfer is particularly efficient, as Microsoft have taken on board comments from users about how the software was previously difficult to understand, and therefore made the newer versions more helpful.
Windows Easy Transfer allows you to choose the particular files you want to transfer to another computer. A great feature of the latest software is that if a particular file or setting is not transferring properly, then it will finish the rest of the files and then produce a report of the items which did not transfer and why. It is slightly annoying that applications cannot be transferred using Microsoft Easy Transfer, however it does allow a lot of file types and settings to be transferred, which would save the user a lot of time.


There are some other programs to rival Windows Easy Transfer – for example, PCmover by Laplink. PCmover has a slight advantage over Windows Easy Transfer, because it transfers all files including applications. However, PCmover is a paid service (which is not at all cheap) and needs to be installed, whereas Windows Easy Transfer comes pre-installed on Windows computers and is therefore free. In fact, upon researching PCmover, it appears that some users have had problems transferring applications and felt that they have been ripped off, therefore giving Windows Easy Transfer the edge, being that it is completely free.


Overall it is clear that transferring files and settings is made a whole lot easier using Windows Easy Transfer. Copying across files when you get a new computer can be incredibly tedious, but this piece of software from Microsoft makes it much less of a hassle. It is a particularly great piece of useful software seeing as it is free and comes pre-installed on Windows computers, meaning it is all ready to transfer your files when needed.


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