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WindowBlinds is a useful tool that allows users to make modifications to the interface of their Windows Operating System by adding various overlaying skins to it. The application enables users to customise their Windows screen as well as add new functions to the screen that can be operated effortlessly.


WindowBlinds is a simple and yet highly efficient tool for changing and customising the Windows interface. The application allows users to add various skins to their Windows User Interface and customise it. The skin overlays the Windows original interface and adds several functions to it.

The skins installed by the application cover all the elements on a Windows interface such as the Start Menu, Taskbar, Dialogs and other controls of Windows. Users can easily apply the skins and remove them or change them in a simple and easy manner.

The skins can be applied to any number of applications and different applications can have different skins applied to them. Similarly, users can choose to exempt certain programs from skins being applied to them. The application allows complete overhauling of Windows operating system by enabling users to change the desktop icons, wallpapers, screensavers, sounds and other elements. Users can also change the transparency level of the various elements of Windows based on their preferences.

The program comes with several preset skins and users can also download skins from the website of the application developer. The application has a very simple and easy to use interface and is very easy to install. The intuitive interface of the application makes it simple even for new users to efficiently use the application. The program does not require much of system resources and hence does not adversely affect the performance of the system. WindowBlinds supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


TrueTransparency is an application similar to WindowBlinds. The program allows users to effortlessly add four different types of skins to their Windows interface. The application changes the borders of the Windows interface and converts them into transparency mode. The program is simple to use and the display is pleasing to the eyes. It however does not allow adding more skins to the display.


WindowBlinds is an efficient system tool that allows for easily changing the interface of the Windows Operating System. The program installs various skins on the system of the users and users can choose specific skins for their Windows. Users can customise their Windows and add more functionalities to their operating system. The program also allows applying multiple skins to different applications and excluding specific applications from applying skins.


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