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The WinDirStat is one of the finest tools to provide you with the complete information regarding the amount of disk space usage. It is efficient enough in dealing with the native devices as well. In accordance with the size of your disk, the initial monitoring process by WinDirStat may consume some time, about 7-10 minutes.


Being available for almost all versions of Windows, WinDirStat offers great rich features to users.

  • Coloured Arrangement – The tool enables user to take view of all their files for the drives they opt to go for the scanning. Interestingly, the selected files appear in catchy colours. For the better usage of users it has indicated specific colours for specific files. It means the MP3 files are different in colour from that of JPG. In addition, the files those consume maximum place are given the blue option. The red and green options follow after it in accordance with the amount of used space. After some initial coloured files, the remaining appears in a faded form. However, there is option for the users to assign colours in accordance to their wish.
  • Option to deal with spaces – After having a complete view of the used disk space, the users are having the flexibility to deal with the spaces. There are enough features available with WinDirStat to arrange the files. It provides you the option of spontaneous erasing the files. You can delete these without having any concerns about Recycle Bin.
  • Various View Formats – Basically, the tool takes dig at the complete directory at a stretch and makes it appear in three forms of directory list, the treemap, and the extension list view. The first one basically matches with that of the Windows. However, it is more systematic than Windows. The treemap format displays the complete content of the directory at a glance. The last one displays the complete statistical view of the files.


There are other options like SpaceSniffer available in the market those do the same task as of WinDirStat. However, the later one is mostly recommended due to its ability of doing the task in a more arranged manner. Apart from this, WinDirStat is a faster performer as well in comparison to the others.


WinDirStat is a fine option to have the statistical view of disk space usage. Its nature of ensuring greater security to the system makes it a favourite option for the users over the globe.


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