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Automation is a useful aspect for computer users and it will be much helpful when some application will provide user this automation capability on their system too. WinBatch helps user to script the computer automation successfully so that user can easily manage computer functions only with a single type from their keyboard just like a hotkey. With this useful application, user can automate computer applications with creating scripts. Also, with the help of this application user can assign a hotkey, an icon or even program a task to make automation.


Managing computer functions automatically is somewhat tough task for all users. But with this, user can make computer functions itself to some selected operations so that time involved of user in that operation can be saved. But for this the biggest requirement for user is a helpful application like WinBatch. WinBatch gives the facility of automation on their computer system by giving specific hotkeys, programs, etc. The application has macros feature for actuating its operations. These macros can be operated from any icon just by clicking on it or user can create a dedicated hotkey so as to perform operation from keyboard itself. WinBatch allows user to execute various operations like management of files, disk drives and directories. User also has the facility of managing networks, mathematical operations, controlling Windows operations, etc. Another important feature of this application is to execute Internet as well as serial communication and even control their media functions through this application. But the best available feature of WinBatch is its programming possibility by which user can program any operation to perform it with simple coding. For example user can create a programming script for data entry so that application itself executes the program without user. With this feature user has no need to attend system as the functions are already programmed on it.

Additionally, User can create scripts for much longer programs so that operations can be executed without any interruption. The application has user friendly interface which make it easier for user to operate it. However, WinBatch is fully professional application thus only the user with programming knowledge can operate it as it requires coding to perform operations. It is a light weighted application which does not hang or lag other programs so user can easily use other applications while using it.


Some of the alternates having same functionality like WinBatch are Tinytask, Auto click and Alternative Flash. These applications may operate just as WinBatch but there is much difference in other important features provided by this application like various management options like managing networking, Windows, directory as well communication management. Also, the programming feature makes it best of its alternatives.


WinBatch is a helpful application for users who wants to manage their system functions through automation. This application has better operating mechanism and programming facility for small as well as large operations which makes it a must have application for user. The only disadvantage is that it is operated by professional users who has programming knowledge.


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