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Wi-Fi Internet connection is a useful facility by which user can access internet. But user always find problem of protecting their Wi-Fi from intruders due to which connectivity decreases which creates problem. User always needs an application by which they can manage their Wi-Fi network and get information of any unauthorized user using their Wi-Fi connection. Who is on my WiFi is a perfect application allowing user to find all these information. With this application, user can prevent other unidentified connections using their network.


When user is accessing a physical Internet connection through router then it is almost easy to find how many different users are using your connection but in wireless connections it is not easy to find how many users are using your connection by which unauthorized personals can access their Internet. One way to prevent this is to secure your Internet, however, the possibility of intruders not accessing it is not cent percent. Thus for this, user always need an application by which they can easily find how many users are sharing their Wi-Fi connection. Who is on my Wi-Fi is a helpful application providing such facility of finding how many users are using Wi-Fi of any particular user and thus they can stop unauthorized users to access Internet on their connection. This application easily finds how many connections are sharing the Wi-Fi and make a list of all those devices. Also, it will notify user whenever any new connection is detected by it.

Additionally, user can change the type of notification according to their choices. This application also supports email notification so if any user wants notification of connections sharing Wi-Fi on their email even if they are not using Wi-Fi, they can get it easily. Another useful feature of this application is that it regularly scans connections in particular time intervals in order to update users about the connections. In case if user wants to stop unauthorized personals to access their Wi-Fi, they can easily block connections from the list of the connected devices using this helpful application and number of connections blocked by user were saved in the log. Simple and user friendly GUI help beginners to operate it easily and thus control connections and if user didn’t know anything then the application will guide them to perform scan.


Some of the alternatives of Who is on my WiFi are The Tracer, PPPoe Monitor and Bit Tally but there are many useful feature associated with this application which gives a supreme advantage over these alternatives. Some of these features are network scan, blocking unknown connections and many more. It also has very simple operating functions and user friendly interface which make this application most used.


Who is on my WiFi is a useful application giving the facility of preventing unauthorized personals to access your wireless network which possibly affect user’s connectivity speed. It is a perfect security application and first of its own kind for managing wireless connections on the go. The only drawback associated with it is that it uses much of user’s system resources during scanning connections but user has the option to limit the connection or define particular IP address to escape it.


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