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There are times where you have to monitor your website, the company’s infrastructure network and your servers too. Going into each and every control panel and looking at the status of those things might consume your time as well as make you feel bored and irritated. Here is a simple solution for that – WebWatchBot. Now, with WebWatchBot you can monitor and control the performance of a website, server and a company’s infrastructure network, all at one go.


WebWatchBot can help you monitor the internal and external websites, servers and also web applications. Some of the watch types supported by WebWatchBot are application and website monitors, system level monitors, network and connectivity monitors. This application not only monitors your services, but also provides real time notifications that include alerts like e-mails, phone calls, SMS and on screen pop-ups. You can get information like server down time or when a web service is completely down. If you need detailed information or log-on for a particular service for a specific period, you can customize WebWatchBot for sending the required reports through e-mail or obtain them directly in HTML, CSV and XML formats.

Besides all these extraordinary features, you can get a consolidated report for the watch items. If you have large number of watch items, you can select the favorite ones and get specialized reports for those particular items. Apart from monitoring, this application also provides proactive solutions such as restarting a web service or rebooting the server of a particular website. In addition to this, you can get wonderful insights which include customizable reports in graphical format. WebWatchBot’s built-in analysis tool provides you some tips for optimizing the systems so that, you can prevent any problems from occurring in future. This software is a real boon for the network administrators.


There are many other website performances monitoring software like monitor.us and solar winds which can only monitor the performance and provide the insights of the watch items but, they won’t be able to provide any direct solution.

Solar Winds web performance monitor can only monitor the up time and user experience of the websites and networks. The user interface of this application is very complex and hard for a beginner to use. But, when it comes to UI of WebWatchBot, it is easy to be used and very intuitive. You can also configure the user interface as per your requirements. Moreover, monitor.us supports only web performance monitoring and solar winds web performance monitor supports both web performance monitoring and network performance monitoring. Both the applications don’t support application level monitoring and system level monitoring which is possible in WebWatchBot.


If you are system administrator, network administrator or a website programmer looking for single software application to monitor all your websites and their servers, WebWatchBot is a perfect one to pick.


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