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WebMerge allows user to export their database to HTML, and generate static Web pages from their database content. The tool is an excellent option for the people those are engaged with database reporting kind of stuffs. It can deal with any database that sends report sheet in various formats; it may be Microsoft systems, Mac reporting tools, or any other.


  • Customized – Through the template pages, one can customize the frequently dealt options. The WebMerge designs an explicit page from the information in particular data of the sent file. It has also the option to make index along the tags to particular content pages. Designed pages can be made available over any server. You really don’t need any specific hosting effort.
  • Technically efficient – The best part that makes it a good option for professionals is because it has arrangements for broader presentations. The WebMerge File include tag, which allows the user to add a text or HTML document channelled through a way in the field information, advanced access for coding and designing options, Java scripts, and other revamping attempts. In addition, you can get enriched citations, the notifications of all issues through the edition. In fact, it is much faster as well.
  • Flexible – This is one of the most flexible tools to deal with. There is no need of extension, DLLs or other aspects. Making page documentation is damn easy through the tool. In one package you can get the entire option for your pages. Another good thing about the product is that it is handy for a great range of business options, educational organizations. This is excellent and useful for designers, coders or simply any reporting person.
  • Classified and integrated – It allows the user to make about 20 pages through a database file. It’s a great to see the way CSS access has been made available with the tables. You can go for higher level of specified classifications through the tool. The rows, columns, can be better defined using it.
  • Great for Pagination, FTP, and in terms of Layouts – The BBCode syntax is pretty sleek through the fields for better explanation of the contents. The pagination of the index files can be performed even more efficiently by going through few tweaks with the settings and to have a better dig at your work you are having the opportunity to deal with enhanced FTP arrangements. This can be effective both in terms of lay-outs and performance. The error reporting is much more improved through the tool in comparison with other options.


There are other similar options like Zoho Docs, Share Points available in the market. However, Web Merge is a much better recommendation in this category.


This is an excellent tool for the people those have to deal with database related works. It is thoroughly customized and packs excellent specs for designing, and data transfer works.


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