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WebDrive is a reliable application that allows users to have access to the multiple cloud servers simultaneously. The application uses a very interactive and user-friendly way of doing so, as the user can actually see their cloud storage being available as a drive under ‘My Computer’.


WebDrive is a utility application to access multiple cloud servers using the same interface. This application is very useful for people who require uploading and downloading large amount of data on a daily basis. The application works superfine without and any interruption as the users can have access to their respective cloud storages using the My Computer area along with the list of internal hard drives. WebDrive comes in 15MB installable package; it might sometimes seem to be a bulky application. However, it won’t be an issue, as it will just create the shortcuts once. The application installs in seconds and integrates itself to any windows operating system. When used for the first time, it will prompt the user to add the respective cloud storages. This is a one-time authentication and will require Userid and password of your cloud storage account. Besides this, there are several other things that this application can do.

Using this application, user can also add their FTP accounts and manage them simultaneously with others. Also, the added FTP account will also be appearing in the similar way as the cloud storages were listed. The application consists of a powerful download manager which allows users to download and upload data faster. In case of some internet connection failure the download and upload pauses for the moment and can be resumed to continue with the process. The whole of the accounts are secured using MD4 and MD5 hash password encryption. Users can also preview the content, as the drives will already made available along with the internal drives. Additionally, the files can be edited and the changes will be automatically saved on the online storages.


WebDrive comes under the category of FTP clients, although its main functional area is for cloud storages. It acts as a one in one application to manage all cloud storages at once. The cloud storages that it supports include ebDAV, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP, Dropbox, GroupDrive and FrontPage Server. There are many other application that comes under the same category of apps such as SFTP Net Drive. FTP Voyager etc. All of these applications do the same common task. WebDrive also comprises of the feature of a FTP clients, however, it is not found in other apps collectively.


WebDrive is a handy and comprehensive utility application that the user can use to manage all of their cloud servers and FTP server under the single common interface. Also, the simplicity of application makes it easier to control. It supports almost all of the major cloud servers as ebDAV, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP, Dropbox, GroupDrive and FrontPage Server.


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