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Surveillance systems and network cameras providing live streams are very common place activities and especially in the commercial and government sectors. Windows PC as such does not provide any software to manage multiple camera feeds and other data extraction possible. webcamXP is such a webcam and network camera manager with the ability to stream multiple camera feeds locally or over networked connections.


WebcamXP PRO features a XP-esque interface with large icon buttons on the left for common actions and the central pane occupies the camera feed viewer section. The feeds can be tiled into sets of 4 or viewed individually. The interface is tabbed in nature where the tabs provide features such as camera feeds, connection settings and other customizable options. The list of supported devices include USB webcams with WDM drivers, television and Multi-input cards to capture, Network cameras (over 1500s of them), media streams of Windows, local video folders and Mobile IP camera. The format support includes JPEG, MPEG, MPEG4, ASF, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc. Streaming modes include still JPEG images, flash clients, JavaScript clients with MPEG, windows streaming media and mobile client of Windows. Local and distant pan/tilt support exists for supported cameras such as Logitech Orbit, and IP cameras. Post operation over FTPS or HTTPS is also supported. Alert handling can be triggered with motion detection (visual or audio) with actions for either performing local events or launching external programs. Advance user management is also present to limit access to live feeds and data. Overlay support includes picture in picture, GIF animation, alpha blending as well as text editor. Even DVR recording can be made to delete after limited amount of time. Apart from all this there is also support for interaction by means of PowerHome computerization software. The software is available in large number of language which includes English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The software supports all major versions of Windows starting from XP, Vista, 7 and 8 along with support for Server editions as well.


On Windows there are plenty of alternatives such as iSpy – whose name spills out the possible target utility. It is primarily built for surveillance and uses motion detection and audio detection to warm of possible intrusion and theft. However, unlike webcamXP Pro it does not support the wide range of network cameras nor the large number of protocols and transfer of feed over the network. Debut Video Capture Spftware from NCH Software is somewhat a more comparable tool. It provides almost identical facilities with surveillance, recording both external and local feeds and feed forwarding.


WebcamXP Pro is a complete camera management and surveillance solution that provides plenty of options along with a huge number of network camera support. The protocol support is also impressive with all major formats being supported. Surveillance is handled via motion detection based on both audio and video and configurable triggers.


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