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Most modern computers come equipped with webcams or people augment theirs in case it is missing. Increasing internet bandwidth and the craze for video calling has everyone hooked to webcams. But, there are loads of other things that can be performed with a camera attached to your PC. Time lapse videos are something that can be done with it i.e. these are videos where the frames are captured after long intervals of time and create an effect as if time has lapsed for a certain period. Such videos are perfect to capture changes, which occur slowly – the blossoming of flower, the day passing by or snow formations. Webcam Time Lapse is one such software, which lets the user record time lapse videos via their webcam.


The user interface is very simple and does not require a huge manual. There are options to set the time lapse period in seconds, minutes and even hours. The software is also capable of capturing still frames, which can be edited by the user later on. The capture can be done manually via a “manual capture” button in the interface. There is also a mirrored mode to create lateral inversion. Daily Selfpic mode gives the user the ability to click “selfies” of them. The videos are created in AVI format and are thus compatible with most video players. There is also a reverse video mode, which creates the video in the opposite order in which frames were captured. Further, the video compression mode can be tweaked to the user’s liking.


Webcam Time Lapse is available on Windows platform. However it is not alone, there are some competitors like VideoVelocity which provides the same functionality including time lapse videos and supports FullHD resolution too but lacks in manual controls. In Linux, there is Cheese, a webcam software which started off in 2007 Google Summer of Code and has become the de-facto standard but does not provide time lapse videos or other features present in Webcam Time Lapse software. The software also comes totally as a freeware.


Webcam Time Lapse is free software that provides a way to capture time lapse videos and frames encoded in AVI formats. The interface is simple and easy to use. The software is available for Windows and provides a better experience than stock web cam apps. While most people use webcam for recording videos directly or capturing the occasional photograph, Webcam Time Lapse allows the user to go an extra step and record wonderful time lapse videos with custom enhancements.


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