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WebCam Recorder is one of the most advance software for live recording of webcam conversation and video, that is running in the market for quite some time. It is useful in a many ways. There is a lot more than just record your web cam video with this application, like you can also take pictures of a particular moment and this is fostered by the speed of this software.


This app is a feature packed box with almost all you can expect from it. With six formats of recording file that you can create you can do a lot. You can easily share the videos as well as the pictures that you can capture during your video chat. You can easily store the video in your designated location on you PC. You can set the default folder where you want the recorded videos to be stored.

The best factor is that whatever the format may be and no matter which software you use to run it, it will bear the quality of your web cam. The better the web cam’s camera configuration like Megapixel and all, the better will be the recorded video. The same goes for the quality of the still picture you can take with this app. It is extremely user friendly and the interface can be used by anyone with some basic knowledge of computer. It also gives an informative guide to teach you about its functioning, which is useful in all means. Basically, you have to use a set of only four buttons to operate this app.


There are various other apps in the market that are aimed at webcam video recording. In many of these you can record video using your camera but, you may not be able to record video chat. Youcam is an app provided by many laptop manufacturers as inbuilt software preloaded in their system. It is useful and can also be used to record live screen activity unlike WebCam Recorder. Magic Camera is another app that allows you to create virtual web cam and add effects to your video.


You can really make a good use of your webcam using this window app. A lot can be done and you will realise that your computer’s webcam is not just for video chat. You can take your pictures and share it on web using this app and you recorded video can be converted into a wide range of six formats. This makes it easy to run on most media software.


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