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It’s always important for a professional website owner to maintain the database of all visitors that visited their website. Having an application providing all the required information for the user is the biggest advantage. Web Log Storming is such that useful log application which provides information regarding the visitors visiting the website. The application has some valuable features like visitors stats, graphical analysis possibility and every possible report related to the visitor. It comes in a user friendly interface which allows user to easily interact with the application.


Maintaining whole reports of the visitors is a handy and a must task for a website owner as this report helps the user in enhancing their website and finding all possible ways in increasing the number of visitors. But nothing would be much helpful then this if an application provides all this information to the user. Web Log Storming is such useful application that provides user the information like number of visits, source of the visit and all possible methods to make visitors to revisit the website. This application provides all information in a statistical pattern so that user can find the details related to the visitor. Also, the application has no dedicated limit which means unlimited visits information is being saved in the web log so that user can extract data anytime. Web Log Storming stores the log session by session so that user can access information about the visit i.e. country, region, domain as well as the IP address of the visitor’s computer. This log can also be generated in graphical layouts, which is an important part of this application.

Additionally, with the help of this application user can even find the reference by which the visitor visited user’s website to check out the continuous visiting sources. Web Log Storming is a powerful application that maintains logs of every single visitor so that user can manage the website more specifically and effectively. It also allows user to view the smallest details of visitor like previous visit, operating system and even the browser. It helps user to keep all logs secure by providing facility of zip, transferring these reports to other users through mails. Though this application is for professional users but those users interacting with it for the first time can also use it easily as it has user friendly interface.


Other applications having same functionality like Web Log Storming are Deep Log Analyzer and Net Tracker Lite. But the easy operating mechanism, user friendly interface and important features like detailed information of the visitor like IP address, domain, reference, country and city make this application a useful one. Also, it does not affect system performance so that user can use other application while using it.


Web Log Storming is a important and must have application for users as it provide the facility of managing all the information needed to enhance their website by giving the required information. All visits log, statistical reports and graphical presentation format makes this application useful.


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