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Internet sharing of images is very common among users. Online viewing implies proper organization and layout of such images for the visitors to navigate properly. Manual HTML/CSS page creation for new users can be a huge hassle to start with. Web It! automates the task of creating thumbnail based gallery creation without any scripting or markup knowledge.


Web It! features an extremely simple interface with three main stages which are tab based. The first stage is the Control Center. It lists all the images to be added to the gallery along with a thumbnail preview and provides options to load/delete files and generate HTML. The second stage is the HTML Wizard which provides various options such as Titles, background and foreground colors, hyperlinks, font and thumbnail settings and deployment screen size. The third stage provides more HTML options and the markup is generated at the final stage. There is also an option to add Autorun.inf files to the directory whereby it can be auto-played by Windows. The whole gallery can thus be packed in optical media such as CD or DVD and can be distributed. Apart from this, it also supports the creation of file directory listing and HTML framed images. This allows users to create galleries for any type of items and not just images. Web It! is nimble at just 10 MB is size and requires very few system resources to function correctly. The program runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 or any later versions.


Web It! is a very niche and unique offering. A very similar alternative is JAlbum – which not only creates HTML galleries but also has image editing and filters along with image management tools, making it is a more full-fledged application, but is not backwards compatible and requires additional Java installation making it heavy on resources. The other alternatives would be to use web designer tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver. These tools are much more expansive and require a steep learning curve to be able to use perfectly. Also, they are professional heavy on resources software that require a workstation environment to work properly. Thus Web It! Provides an easy to use interface and the user need not be an expert in HTML or related technologies to work with it. The only other alternative would be hand rolling HTML but an in-depth knowledge in the language along with CSS is required to create anything worthwhile.


Web It! is an extremely simple to use utility software for creating galleries of images for websites in HTML. The ability to add autorun files means that it can be used for offline gallery compilation as well. The software is extremely resource frugal and can work in minimal environment.


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