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Most people have tight schedules and often need to hurry. But being in hurry, numerous things may get wrong or go unnoticed – reminders and preparing for weather are such things. Weather Clock is a tool that turns Windows PC into an alarm clock with weather information outlet.


Weather Clock is a widget and can be made to stick with desktop just like any other widget. The widget view can be customized with various themes and showing either the full month view of calendar or weather data or it can be made as a part of taskbar. Making it embedded in the taskbar makes it always visible if the taskbar is persistent and displays the time, date and weather information. The settings panel is tab based with settings options for Date/Time, Alarms, Skin, Weather, Time zones and Atomic clock. Alarms set can be customized to display message, the days of week on which to fire and set weekly/monthly/annually with custom sounds and actions as well. These actions can be anything from shutting down or restarting the PC to running specific applications. Weather settings can similarly be tweaked for the current location; unit system used and update frequency. Time zone can be selected from the list of available options including the option to synchronize with Atomic clock servers available online. The date and time settings can similarly be tweaked to display in various formats. The software can be configured to run at Windows startup. The software comes with an easy to use installer and is extremely customizable due to large number of free skins available for the widgets. The software is available for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 including 64-bit versions.


Built in widgets in Vista and Windows 7 provide weather and clock widgets but are not customizable with settings and skins. Rainmeter is a good alternative to Weather Clock, which can be configured with huge number of themes and skins. It also displays much more information along with weather and clock but customizing implies editing skin files by hand which is tedious and cumbersome. There are other third party widgets available from Stardock that can display similar information but lack alarm clock facilities as available here. Another possible alternative is HTC Home for Windows, which duplicates the iconic HTC clock and weather widget on desktop but cannot be further modified nor has the alarm support.


Weather Clock is a useful widget and utility and especially for laptops and mobile PCs and people who frequently travel with them. Glancing weather and time information from the taskbar is great with actionable alarms that can be used in numerous scenarios. The biggest advantage of the software is that it is bundled with 100 skins that can be used to customize the widgets in desktop creating a personal experience. Also, the ability to reside on the system tray/taskbar implies it is always visible irrespective of whether other programs are opened or not.


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