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Wavosaur is an effective audio editor, which is capable of easily editing, recording, processing, normalising and adjusting sounds. The application incorporates most of the major edit options such as cut, copy, paste, delete, add, loops, record and analyse.


Wavosaur is a lightweight, simple and highly useful audio editing application. The software is useful in editing, recording and making specific changes to recorded audio. Using this application, users can record sounds, make edits such as cut, copy and paste sound tracks; analyse audio, create loops, convert batches and reverse sound tracks.

The application supports converting multiple files in a single session and convert channels from mono to stereo and stereo to mono. Users can normalise volume levels, insert silence, invert and flip sounds; create fade out and fade in effects, mix sounds and undo changes made by them.

The program incorporates processing of real time effects, provides support for multichannel WAV files, ASIO drivers and VST plug-ins. The application has a simple and intuitive interface and displays accurate waveforms, has a fast zoom in and zoom out option and easy scroll options. The application is MIDI compatible and can be controlled using external MIDI devices. Users can change the skins of the application according to their preferences and make the interface compatible with their requirements. The application is efficient as a sound design and editing software program and makes sound editing very easy. Wavosaur supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 98.


Audacity is an application similar to Wavosaur. The software is efficient in recording and editing sounds. Users can use this application to record and edit sounds of their choice. They can make changes to the pitch of the sound, normalise it, change channels, delete parts of sound, add sounds to the existing tracks, create loops, create fade in and out effects, flip sound and make many more edits. It also allows changing the pitch and speed of the sound and adjusts the volume levels.


Wavosaur is an effective sound editing and normalising tool that can be used easily even by new users. The simple and intuitive interface of the application makes it very easy for users to operate the software and make edits to sounds of their choice. Wavosaur enables users to make several edits and changes to the audio of their choice and the procedure is very simple. Edits in volume, channels, pitch, loops and many other changes can be done easily using this application. The program does not require much of system resources and hence does not affect the performance of the system.


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