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vReveal is one of the latest applications, which aims to facilitate in fixing the problems affecting the digital video. The application is designed to be simple to utilize even for the novices and aims to develop the quality of video.


vReveal is a video editor with which the users can easily boost the quality of the videos, and even add some extraordinary effects to them. The software possesses a nicely designed interface along with three major areas, accessible by means of tabs. The tab of Gallery shows the videos that have been imported into the app. Through the tab, user can enhance all the improvements as well as effects can be applied to them. Even an entire video can be flipped 90 degrees. Other feature included are Save and Share, which of course helps to store the enhanced video to a PC or share it on the Internet including on Facebook or YouTube and many such services. The software also consists of the features of effects and filters. It will enable the users to stabilize the image and to add more contrast. The particular videos can also be converted to white and black or sepia in order to make the video look as a vintage recording. There is also a section of Fine Tune for adjusting the filters in a more accurate way.

vReveal does not need any video editing skills and so the users can use it easily. All of the effects are applied with just a click on the relevant button, and the output can be observed on the built-in video player of the app. There is also the half screen option that shows the video of before and after editing. vReveal also helps to deactivate the GPU acceleration and as a result the application can still be utilized on non-NVIDIA hardware. It possibly will not run very quick, but it is very satisfying to know that this option is accessible for ATI users.


One of the alternatives of vReveal is Deshaker, which is a video stabilizer designed for VirtualDub. It removes camera shakiness and creates panning and zooming very smoother. SuperEasy Video Booster is another identical app that improves the feature of videos with only one click. Video Enhancer is also a tool to implement super-resolution process for upsizing video. Videomizer is another program with a number of technical methods in order to stabilize the recordings of digital video. Mercalli is a system that also stabilizes shaky recording during post processing.


With the help of vReveal, the users can considerably develop the quality of any video recorded by any handheld devices. It is equipped with common one-click touch-up tools in order to stabilize, enhance and also sharpen flawed videos. This app has the unique capacity to boost detail in low-resolution movies and to eliminate video noise, for example graininess and pixelation. The program can even record print-quality still pictures from improved videos.


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