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The past years have brought about the release of new software technologies and applications. Each of the applications require special knowledge to create and operate effectively. One of these applications is the Visual C++. Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Studio is a commercial development environment that is integrated. It is a product of the Microsoft Corporation and features tools for debugging and developing C++ codes especially those that are written by DirectX API and Microsoft Windows API and Microsoft.NET Framework.


Most applications require redistributable Visual C++ packages that function properly. Such packages are usually installed independent of any applications. This allows multiple applications to utilize the application through installing it once. Writes codes faster: long and descriptive symbol names make reading and understanding of the codes easier. However, typing long names often may be cumbersome. To avoid wasting time, Visual C++ allows you to type an acronym or just a few letters for a code symbol and it displays a list of suggestions that you should choose from.
Easy refactoring: it simplifies large tasks by simply offering a number of codes to be refactored. It overhauls huge codes with just a few simple commands, makes your coding easier to comprehend and maintains legacy projects.
Reads codes faster: allows you to read the codes clearly with the help of the enhanced syntax coloring. In addition, you are able to locate the code places easily especially when choosing between views.
Intelligent navigation: Visual C++ offers components that allow you to code differently and easily, to find what you require and make the necessary changes. Searching and navigating the C++ features makes it easy to tackle large projects.
Identifying and correcting mistakes: it has a spell check that spots your misspelled words and mistyped symbols instantly. It repairs case errors automatically and converts dots to arrows when necessary.
Enhanced intellisense: Visual C++ improves the default Intellisense through the help of the enhanced listboxes and parameter.


When compared to other programs, Visual C++ is generally more efficient. Its efficient codes can be generic and used as general-purpose library. Its main opponent Java cannot perform this task. When solving a problem that has a huge database, Visual C++ works better in the implementation stage. The object oriented Java is much slower in the implementation stage.


in my opinion, Visual C++ is the best coding option. It has a wide range of beneficial features that enhance its capabilities. Research has also proven that it is way ahead of its main opponent Java.


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