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Visual Basic Runtime Files is a pack of files that is used to run the applications that are created with Microsoft Visual Basic Express. It was first released in 1991. Microsoft intends to make the program easy to learn and use. The development of the program was influenced by BASIC and its last stable release was the 6.0 version in 1998. The program works with Microsoft windows as well as the MS-DOS.


The program was developed with the user in mind. The main aim of the developer was to make the program easy for all users. New programmers can learn about the program and create GUI applications. The program also allows the user to develop complex applications. Programming in Visual Basic Runtime involves several steps. The user is required to visually arrange the components or controls in a form. After arranging the components, the user is supposed to specify the attributes and actions for the arranged components. The user should also write a few lines for the codes in order to improve the functionality. Visual Basic Runtime Files can define default actions and attributes for the components. This means that the user will not have to write many lines for the codes while developing the program. Some of the programs that were built with the earlier versions had some problems.
This however, is not the case with the new versions since the computers are now faster and the native code compilation has rectified the problem. The forms are created using the drag and drop techniques. The user is supposed to use the tools in placing the control such as textboxes and buttons on the form. The controls have attributes associated with them. The default attributes are provided after the control is created. However, the programmer can still change them to suit their needs. The attribute values can be modified during run time depending on the programmer actions or changes in environment. Setting up the program can be a bit tedious and complicated. However, after the set-up is complete, the program will run smoothly.


DirectX is one of the programs that are similar to Visual Basic Runtime Files. DirectX is also developed by Microsoft. It is a package of special libraries that attempt to optimize and improve the audiovisual performance of the systems. Unlike the Visual Basic Runtime Files, this program is easy to install. The program also enhances the 3D graphics. The program is also essential for gaming and other multimedia tasks.


Visual Basic Runtime Files is one of the best programs for running applications created by Microsoft windows. It is easy to learn and use by the new programmers. The developer however, should try to make the installation of the program easier and less complicated.


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