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Vista Manager is a system utility application that enables its users to optimize tweak and clean the system. This app is however specifically made for Windows vista. It helps users to improve security of their system, increase system speed and thereby increasing overall performance of a windows vista system. It has several other features too.


Vista Manager is optimizer used to increase the system performance. This application is developed keeping mind the architecture of windows vista operating system. It has various important features that are very important from windows vista user’s perspective. Using this software is very easy and user can easily access it once installed on any system. Its interface is quite good with all options evenly distributed with around the screen, thus making user’s eye to catch all useful information at once.

This application gives complete system information whether hard drive space, installed RAM, windows version, machine ID, graphics memory and a lot of other useful information. It consist of an optimizer that will automatically tweak the system for best performance, this tweaking is totally dependent on the system configuration. These tweaks can also be applied manually, once users get enough knowledge about the application. It comes packed with a powerful cleaner that will clean off all the junk files in a system automatically. There are advanced preferences for the cleaner which lets user to make cleaning more effective. Customization in context of startup item, edit menu, toolbars, notifications, etc. can be done readily using this application. This application also helps in avoiding security breach as it cleans of history and other potential data. Also, the network connection can also be optimized using this application.


System optimization applications are the ones which allow users to increase the performance of the system by altering the default setting of the system. One such app is Vista Manager, although there are a number of other such apps available in the market such as CCleaner, Track Eraser, Ashampoo cleaner, etc. All of these apps work more or less in a same way. Vista Manager has many great features as compared to other such apps. Its ability to tweak, optimize and clean the system makes it a valuable utility software. All of these functions are not found in a one single app, Vista Manager can be considered as all in one system utility app. However, it is specifically made for Windows Vista and not might function with other OS versions.


Vista Manager is an all in one system utility app developed for windows vista. It has many great advantages such as it cleans off junk files making free space available, also it tweaks the system for better performance. The only drawback of the app is that it is developed for windows vista, and might not be compatible with other versions of windows.


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