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Virtual Router is a highly useful application for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot without the requirement of a wireless router to be installed. The application requires a wireless network adapter to be installed on the computer and creates a Wi-Fi hotspot accordingly.


Virtual Router is a useful program for creating a wireless hotspot without installing a Wi-Fi router. The application uses the network adapter installed on the computer on which the software is installed. The application uses the Windows operating system’s Wireless Hosted Network technology, also referred to as Virtual Wi-Fi to connect to the network. The application does not require any complicated network configuration and easily shares the computer’s network connection.

Users are required to install the application and set a password for securing the connection. Once the connection is protected by the password, users can start the application and share the network connection with other devices. After the first installation, need to manually start the application or restart the computer for the application to become functional.

Virtual Router has a simple installation process and is easy to operate. The program configurations are easy to set and do not require any manual configuration. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.


Winhotspot Virtual WiFi Router is an application similar to Virtual Router. The program creates a hotspot that can be used to share the network connections with other devices. The application has a WiFi Scanner and bandwidth manager. The program can be used to share the Internet connection to other mobile devices and can be used as a media-streaming server like a WiFi Jukebox. Users can also play multi-user games using this application and can transfer files from one device to another over the network. The program incorporates Microsoft Port WiFi drivers that are needed for enabling the wireless hotspots as well as has inbuilt repair tools.


Virtual Router is an efficient application that allows creation of wireless hotspot and shares a computer’s network with other devices. It creates a WiFi hotspot without the requirement of installing a WiFi router. The program uses the computer’s network adapter to share the network connection. Virtual Router does not require users to make any complicated or manual configurations and it has an easy to use interface. Users are required to set password for securing the connection and sharing the connection with other devices on the network. The application provides an easy method of setting-up wireless network connection without requiring any additional hardware.


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