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VirIT explorer lite windows platform antivirus software is able to protect your computer against viruses and other malware. It has a simple basic interface that makes the software user friendly. The software shows the virus scanning in real time enabling you to identify the viruses that might cause harm to your computer.


It has a scheduler that gives the user the option of scan the computer at different times. It is able to scan the computer really fast using minimal computer resources. It gives the user the option of disabling or enabling mail scanning and personal firewall protection. This feature can be accessed in the options menu then selecting settings. It can also automatically update itself via the internet. Its main advantageous feature is that it can be able to detect the new and unidentified viruses and malware. It also sorts the start up programs according to the installed date.


Its ability to scan and protect the computer using minimal computer resources makes it to be among the unique security software available. Though it has an automatic update system the feature can be changed to manual update depending on the user. Its feature of being able to detect new viruses makes it different from most antivirus software which might only detect viruses that are recorded in the database of antivirus researchers. Being able to co-exist with other anti-viruses and anti-malware makes it different from most other computer security software. Fast scanning is a feature that most anti-viruses may lack to offer but virIT explorer lite provides this service. The most distinguishing feature about this software is the simple user interface that it has.


VirIT explorer lite is among the top rated security software. It is easy to use and provides the computer protection that is expected from security software.


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