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VinylStudio is an efficient audio editing tool, which can convert your old vinyl cassettes tapes or records into high quality digital format. The application can detect individual sound tracks and can split the record accordingly. The program can directly record tracks from the old vinyl records and save these tracks into digital formats such as MP3 and WAV files.


VinylStudio is an easy to operate sound recording application, which can directly convert old vinyl records into good quality digital audio files. The application is compatible with old cassette tapes and vinyl records and the output is in the form of digital audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC.

Users can use this application and can save digital sound tracks either directly on a CD or DVD or other removable devices. The sound tracks can also be saved on the computer of the users or portable players. The application can check the information of the audio tracks over the Internet and save the data along with the sound tracks.

The application comes bundled with several tools and allows users to compile their music library, music tracks and add relevant information to the sound tracks. The recordings can be used to burn audio CDs and create music directories. The program allows users to clear noise from the sound tracks and generate clear and good quality sound tracks. The application can split the audio recordings into separate digital audio files from old audio recordings.

Users can import multiple audio files in a single instance and create an album of their favourite music tracks. The application can also make conversion among different digital formats such as MP3 to WAV, WAV to MP3 and other similar conversions. It can generate playlist of the sound tracks of a user and therefore enable easy compilation and storage. The program includes features such as ID3 tagging. VinylStudio supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Audacity is an application similar to VinylStudio. The application can record sound tracks from old tapes and records and store these tracks as digital recordings. The program can save digital sound tracks into multiple digital audio formats, which can be played on any digital portable player or can be burned on a CD or a DVD. Audacity also allows users to make edits to the recorded sound tracks and change the pitch or the speed of the tracks.


VinylStudio is an efficient tool for converting old music records into digital sound tracks. The application supports saving the output files into various digital formats and enables easy compilation of the sound files like generating playlists and adding information pertaining to specific sound tracks by downloading relevant data from the Internet.


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