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Videora is an iPod converter application which has been developed by Red Kawa Inc which is capable of encoding a lot of video media formats including AVI, MKV, VOB, MPG, WMV, MOV, FLV and ASF. Videora is capable of converting all the video files of the mentioned formats to the iPod as well as iPhone supported format so that one can easily transfer and watch all the video files on iPhone or iPod.

Also as the software application supports advertisements, one should be careful while installing the software as it also offers a lot of third party installations during its installation process which is not at all required by the application for its proper and smooth functionality.


The plain and simple interface of the application is one of its biggest advantages. All the user is required to do is to select the model of their iPod or iPhone during the initial installation and then move on to the next step of conversion and transfer. Videora offers its users two options, one is the normal mode and the other one is the power mode. Both the modes have been offered keeping in mind that the application is used by both experts and newbie users.

The conversion process offered by the software is also very simple. The user can add the file to be converted using the file browser, after which they just needs to specify the directory where the output file has to be saved and then initiate the process of conversion.

For the conversion process, Videora offers a lot of options using which the user can modify the size of the converted videos, its size, its quality as well as its name without any kind of problem. Various factors like the progress of conversion, time remaining, time elapsed, bit rate etc are also shown to the user.


On comparing Videora with other iPod and iPhone video converting software, Videora is more basic as well as simple to use. Unlike other video converting softwares in the market which have very complex interface and conversion process, Videora is straightforward and easy to use even by the new users. Also to mention, the number of media formats supported by Videora is more than many other video converting software which gives it an upper hand over them.


Overall, Videora is really good software application for converting various media files into formats which are supported by iPhone and iPod. However, the response time of the software could be slow some of the times, but that is the thing which could be ignored in front of other amazing features.


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