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Video 2 MP3 is a great option for converting the video files into audio formats. It accepts various formats like FLV, AVI, and MP4 and converts them effectively into MP3 formats. It involves one of the best interfaces which are concise, and very much basic in nature that lets you open a video file through the browser.


Apart from this, beginning the conversion process straight the users will be having the option of cutting a particular portion by siting the initiation and completion timing. In addition, there is the option of measuring the time difference as well.

  • Least resource consuming

The best part about the application is that it puts least effect over a system. Despite performing many tasks it consumes really less system resources and finishes a task efficiently. The application consumes only 5.5 MB of system resource. Interestingly, it doesn’t even show the different kinds of error marks. The application involves the sleekest processing. In addition, the tool involves an excellent response time as well.

  • Flexible

Apart from this, the application is quite a time saving option as well. You don’t need to mention the output location, or specify the name. The audio file is generated spontaneously at the same destination and carries the same name as of the initial file. Through the process you can avoid the dilemma of finding the location of a file.

  • Customization

There is no need of making customization with audio patterns. It means, you don’t have to deal with the frequency rate, equalizers, sound, and others. This is one of the simplest tools to be efficiently handled at any level. Especially, this can be efficient in terms of being used as a reserved stuff.

  • Safe usage

Another best thing about the application is that it is 100% safe to be applied with your system. It really doesn’t have any fear like malware, viruses, Trojan or something like those. The application has passed through many test levels and has been found perfectly safe. Hence, it can be installed in your system without any worry.


It’s a fact that there are many other applications available in the market as of Video 2 MP3 regarding conversion of audio files to videos. You can take the case of Freemake Video Converter, MediaHuman Youtube To MP3 Converter as the example. However, Video 2 MP3 is a fine option in terms of its easy to use nature and from safety concerns. However, the drag and drop, or batch processing is not supported by the tool.


There are many examples available for conversion of audio files into videos. But, if you are looking for something fast or as good back-up stuff, then Video 2 MP3 can be a very good option.


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