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The scales for unit conversion whether it is metric or imperial, have always been a constant turmoil for people across the globe. With stages of constant rapid progression, several applications have been developed to render useful service to mankind. One such standalone application that has been engineered is called Versaverter. This versatile application has been developed to work in any possible Windows based OS.


Versaverter is a small, lightweight application, yet it has a robust working interface thus it can run easily on any possible working OS. The application does not need any installation plug-ins and the size of the application is extremely meager, i.e. only 594KB. This lightweight platform independency makes this freeware application compatible to download and use. The application has a wide range of built-in conversion scales and unit, ranging from metric to imperial values alongside with different conversion scales targeted to convert any possible existing values like square inch to hectare or grams to pounds. This versatility is highly resourceful because of the prevalence of the varied unit system between East and West. Therefore, working with the unit conversion system has been made unproblematic by this application.

The interface is extremely lucid to work with. The user has to determine the source and the destination conversion units, and then enter the value at the source part to convert and procure the result. Another striking feature that has been incorporated soon after its fabrication is the independency to create any unit conversion category, and inputting values to obtain the correct results.

The software only requires the cross platform framework Adobe Air Flash player for working with the predefined unit data XML collection. The library of units is highly useful and can be accessed without the presence of any existing internet connection. The recent version of Versaverter 4.0 has been incorporated with several features. To prevent data redundancy, duplicate windows opening has been prevented. Also, there is an enabled notification panel to show any updates of database.


There are several utility applications available over online web like Quad-Lock Unit convertor, Desktop currency converter, etc. which offer the versatility for conversion. Yet, Versaverter has the upper hand in the competition owing to its all-possible unit systems availability. The availability of the customization of any unit conversion is really helpful, which is generally absent in other various unit conversion applications.


Versaverter has won admirable acclamation owing to its availability of unit conversion calculator as well as its several automatic updates of the conversion features. With a dynamic search mode, user-friendly interface, the software, is undoubtedly one of the best available conversion software.


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