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It is a wish of many individuals to have a special system that can help to control their Desktops or laptops easily. And for those people, the PC remote control application Vectir has been launched in the market. If there is a computer with an interface of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then one can simply manage the activities through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based mobile.


Vectir is an app, which is intended to offer a comprehensive system for remote controlling PC apps from the mobile handset or tab by means of Wireless connection like Bluetooth by installation of a server component on computer. It denotes that it does not depend on the Internet, thus the remote device should be close to the PC. This software tool helps to have an easy access to the third party apps like iTunes, Windows Media Player and so on with the help of keyboard and mouse, file explorer, etc. For instance, when it is the matter of media player, the users can play a track or pause it. It is also possible to decrease and increase the volume. Data Sink as well as Data Source functionality is also comprised to the stream live application data. And all of these can be done remotely. In addition to this, the app also offers a complete freedom to enjoy the content of the multimedia. The process of installation of this software is not much complex, and there is the necessary guidance to show the steps for choosing the mobile as well as setting up the link. The users can also indicate the chosen connection process and automatic pattern for the installed applications backed by the plug-ins of Vectir.

If the link between the two is done, the necessary remote profile can be chosen for viewing the screen of the computer and also to convert the phone to a player controller or mouse pad. This may be done if the user is not pleased with the original choice of the software. In one of the latest versions Vectir 3.5 there are sub-remotes as well as new power options. This feature of sub-remotes makes it achievable to load the distant profiles. Windows plug-in has also been updated in this version to comprise battery charge, new power source, etc. A new mouse remote profile with full screen is also included in it.


One of the alternatives of Vectir is Peregrinato. It is the PC software, which allows the PC to be used from a distant location. The tasks can be performed by a Text or Email message and also with an Android device that needs the Bluetooth connection. Another similar system is HippoRemote that serves a clicker for PowerPoint presentation or Keynote.


Vectir is, of course, a powerful, consistent as well as practical device for PC remote control by means of a Smartphone or a tablet. However, it should be always kept in mind that the mobile handsets have to be close to the computer.


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