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Keeping your computer free from malware can be a challenge especially if you don’t have the right software. There are many programs that can protect your computer from viruses and malware. VBA Antivirus is an application designed to protect computers especially those running on older window versions. This package consists of features assembled to protect your PC from backdoors, Trojans, viruses, adware, worms and other threats. It is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows 2K and Windows XP.


Real-time monitoring feature enables the application to detect a threat and sound a pop up notification. VBA scanner can do on demand scanning to clean any detected threats. The VBA loader provides access to other applications such as the VBA scanner, monitoring section and quarantine sector. To protect the loader from virus blockage, you can set an automatic scan for the start up process. The explorer like interface makes it easy for the user to browse through the folders and files in the computer and view all scan statistics. There are three available scan modes; excessive, fast and full. Full scan is a thorough scan that checks all the files in the system. Excessive scan can be used when your computer is highly affected. You can also filter the files to be scanned and create an exclusion list. The application sends any infected file to the quarantine. This application also comes with other features such as heuristics analysis, task scheduling, e-mail support, archive scanning and report generating.


There are several applications like VBA 32 Antivirus. Norton Antivirus is one of the programs that can work the same way as VBA 32 Antivirus. This application can deliver up-to-minute protection with updates every 5 to 15 minutes. The software can also detect and remove unwanted applications and spyware. Another application that can protect your computer from malware is AVG Antivirus. Unlike other applications where the user has to buy the application, AVG Antivirus is available as a freeware.


VBA 32 Antivirus is one of the best malware protection applications. The automatic substitution of damaged modules and control of integrity makes the application reliable. One of the major limitations of this software is that it can only update once. The developer should therefore work on this.


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