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Even before Internet took the shape that it is in today, before Facebook and Twitter, the sole social networking mechanism available to people was Usenet. Usenet is one of the oldest networking systems in use today. It provided a platform to share text based content and now has evolved into a medium to share any content under the sun. Usenet is accessed through newsreaders like UseNeXt which download the required threads and binaries from the servers.


UseNext was developed in 2004 to maximize speeds during downloading content from Usenet. It has a powerful download management system allowing you to fetch NZBs in any manner you choose. It provides retention of 2013 days for binaries and 3832 days for text. It also allows you to schedule automatic downloads, making it easy to get data as soon as it is posted online. With support for 30 concurrent connections and 256 bit SSL Encryption, accessing Usenet is easy, safe and fast. The initial trial version of UseNext remains activated for 14 days, with a data download limit of 300GB.


The biggest rival to UseNeXt is the cross platform SABnzbd. Along with this there are many other options like Giganews, NewLeecher and, Newbin. The features offered by all of them are nearly the same, with different retention rates. The biggest advantage SABnzbd has over others is that it comes free of cost and can be controlled by syncing it with a Smartphone or even via another computer. That being said, it doesn’t offer automatic NZB downloads or the rich text reader and is most useful for downloading binaries only.


While the features offered by UseNeXt are excellent and the offered downloading speed is phenomenal, it is better to use Giganews or another competitor to ensure reliability and support. UseNeXt’s quoted prices are much higher than those of Giganews and there are abysmal reviews present, about it on almost every website. There is a general complaint that UseNeXt charges customers even when they have cancelled their free trials and automatically makes payments from their credit cards without proper information to customers. Customer Support too has received poor reviews and there are claims of being denied any help, at several instances. So, make sure that while you are exploiting its positive features, and the negatives don’t make you bankrupt!


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