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USBOblivion is one such software which allows the users to delete any repositories created by any external hard drives or any other reasons which occupy huge amounts of memory from some simple MBs to huge GBs.


Many a time, we don’t know what happens when we connect our external devices. What actually happens is that these actions create some files which are necessary to get the driver working along with it. It also installs some unnecessary files and this is all done without proper consent from the user. USBOblivion allows the deletion of the repository files which get created automatically when we connect our external devices to the PCs.

Adding to that, each and every file which is in the repository is recorded and segregated accordingly and displayed hierarchically in the base folder as well. This helps the user to know which particular files are getting accessed by the USBOblivion Software. If the need arises, users can take a back-up of the files before deleting them. The tool provides users with a Back-Up option which saves the repository files.

USBOblivion is compatible with all the versions of Windows available since Windows 2000, and does not need to be installed onto the device and can be directly used by the use of ‘.exe’ file.


There is no other software which exists in this category at the moment which works in a similar way. The users are looking forward to the User Interface in case of some new releases. Though the UI is user-friendly, it is not attractive.


USBOblivion tool is a must-have for every user. It helps a lot to get rid of those useless, memory occupying repositories.


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