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Even with the latest versions of Windows, sharing of the files over any network is not as simple as is desired, particularly if the files are stored on a USB drive. But, USB Network Gate is the perfect solution that helps in sharing a number of USB ports as well as devices on the PC over LAN or VPN or Internet.


USB Network Gate can give the chance of sharing the whole USB drives, through the Internet or any local network, with just a few clicks. The setup package of this software is about 8 MB and it consumes negligible space of system on a PC. It is accessible for Windows and Mac or Linux and even all Android based mobile handsets. The user interface of this software has a clean and well-organized layout and all of its options are well arranged and very easy to spot. The users can share individual devices or link to remote ones on various tabs. When a USB device is connected to a computer, it is need to be selected, on the user interface and then a button is to be clicked to share it. When any device is shared, a small window will come up. Here, a TCP port is to be specified. This small window will also help in enabling the traffic encryption and providing a password to protect the device. The connection to a shared device is also very easy. One can scan for the USB devices on particular hosts. For doing this, the host’s name and IP address needs to be typed. On the toolbar, connect button is provided, which should be clicked after adding the remote devices. The application gives support for a huge variety of USB devices. In addition to the USB memory sticks, one can even share keyboards, fingerprint readers, Bluetooth adapters and so on. The connected devices are spotted automatically. When a device is plugged in, the application will show it on its interface, and there is no need to restart or click the Refresh option.


USB Network Gate can be compared to USB Redirector, which allows using the shared USB devices distantly on any PC in a LAN, as if they are linked directly to the PC. USB Redirector also helps in resolving all the tasks occurred while applying remote USB devices. Another application, USB over Network is also similar application. It is a user-friendly software, which enables all to access the USB devices over the Internet. USB/IP Project also aims to build up a standard USB device sharing structure over IP network. For sharing USB devices among PCs with their functionality, this USB/IP puts USB I/O messages.


USB Network Gate is a very crucial USB over network system, which shares USB devices that are plugged into other remote computers. It ensures quick and easy access to the printers, the scanner, the web-cams and some more tools over the network regardless of how far they exist.


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