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USB Block is a great tool that lets the users staying safe from possible information leaks. It does so by letting admission exclusively to the USB flash drives. You can take the examples of CDs, DVDs, and other removable drives, or connectivity options.


Upon getting installed the tool asks the user to provide a password. It’s better to remember as this one comes into play each time. Each time a removable device is inserted into your system, the application shows a small Windows providing you with the option of allowing or screening the device. It makes the process happen through the passkey. In fact, the application keeps logs regarding the devices accessed in past and tells about them.

USB Block involves the most revamped interface, which is pretty smooth and sleek in nature as well. No matter whether you are a first timer, or having enough experience at your back, the application supports all well. The main frame display lets the users going through a complete summary, control panel, legal options, reports, and many others.

In addition, the application USB Block can work in “Stealth Mode” that means the shortcuts are going to be kept secret from the main menu, display and setting. You can access the options through custom hotkey. The application provides you with enough flexibility in terms of passwords. You can alter the passwords at any phase. It is quite effective in showing the past hundred log details. You can have information regarding the kind of device, its name, number of times it has been channelled, and the complete detail about the user. Hence, you can manipulate the functions performed over your system, so that you can make it certain as the protection has not been dismantled.


There are many other similar options available in the market as well. One example like this is USB Disk Security. The tool offers complete protection against suspicious programs attacking through USB devices. It supports USB drive, Flash storage, digital card, and others. Another similar option is Ninja Pendisk that effectively protects malicious attacks through Pendisks. It also supports many formats as of above and can deal nicely with all Operating systems like Windows 7/8, etc.


On a whole, the USB Block is quite an effective piece of tool that lets the user in preventing the excessive USB ports, CDs, DVDs, connectivity options for keeping the system safe from any sort of information leakage. Its smooth interface, secret operating capacity and multi-angled information providing are enough to prove it a product for smart users. Despite handling so many tasks, the tool consumes really less of your system resources. It is the application of just 4.6 MB and puts least effect over your processors and operating systems.


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