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Uranium Backup Free is a comprehensive and advanced backup tool that helps you to backup your files into a local hard drive, external hard drive or USB thumb drive and network drives. This application comes with email notification system, reporting system and complete backup scheduler. Using this software, your files can also be encrypted with the user provided passwords and stored in secure locations.


Uranium Backup Free can be used for business and private documents, your personal photos and videos, etc. You can start the backup by entering the name of the backup and description, where providing the description is an optional thing. Once you create a new backup, you can add files and folders that you need to backup, add a FTP download, add a SQL server for backup/restore, add a drive image backup, add a backup of ESX(i)/vSphere virtual machines, add a backup of Hyper – V virtual machines and add an Exchange Mailbox backup. In addition to the above options, you can add the destination folder/FTP destination where you need to save your backup. You can also backup your files/folders in the cloud. There is also an option to backup the files/folders in a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc.


Uranium Backup Free provides the options for excluding specific files in the backup list. Your files and folders can be compressed into powerful Zip64 format, in order to reduce the storage space. The compressed items can be encrypted with AES 256 bit algorithm by entering the compress/decompress password in the settings. One exciting feature in this application is, scheduling the backups. Here you have to three sections such as days of the week; days of the month and a user-specified time interval i.e. date/time. You can choose any one of the sections and you just have to specify the days and time to schedule your backup, the application will automatically takes care of the rest. Once the backup is completed, you can set the application to automatically email the complete backup report by specifying from and to email addresses with CC and BCC.

The log files are saved in the “logging” section where you can find the status of the backups, with their name, date, size and time taken to complete the backup. Uranium Backup Free also lets you backup the current configuration settings. Your backups can also be restored from tapes, hard disks, CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks and network drives.


Some alternatives of Uranium Backup Free application are Macrium Reflect and Iperius Backup Desktop. The user interface of Iperius Backup Desktop is similar to that of Uranium Backup Free except the position of windows. This application has an intuitive, easy-to-use and a simple interface, which could be easily understood by any type of user. So, beginners don’t have to struggle a lot while using this software.


Uranium Backup Free software is packed with lots of useful options and preferences to comfort the user. This application provides consistent creating and running of different data backups easily. Thus, it helps both the home users and professionals such as IT administrators.


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