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UNetbootin or Universal Netboot Installer allows you to create Live USB bootable drives without burning a CD for Windows and other distributions of Linux. This is a cross platform utility, which is capable of loading a variety of system utilities and install operating systems without a CD. This important and valuable program is capable of running on both Linux and all versions of Windows. This is a simple and effective creator of Live USB. It uses Syslinux and is able to create a Live USB without formatting the device.


  • Able to create bootable Live USB drive
  • Makes a careful installation on your local hard disk
  • Loads distribution by downloading ISO files
  • Effective is downloading various system utilities

The program is capable of helping the users to experience the creation of a Live USB without formatting their device. It allows you to store your data on the flash drive and helps you to carry around a fully functional operating system. This program has been developed for the benefit of the users and it allows them to make full use of it. It supports the mainstream Linux distribution, which includes Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, Gentoo, Mandriva, Arch Linux, MEPIS and NetBSD among others. It is also developed with a unique feature through which it can load a variety of system utilities like BackTrack, Ophcrack, etc. It is equipped with significant characteristics, which automatically detects all removable devices and supports the persistence of LiveUSB. It runs smoothly on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and all latest versions.

This program is available in different languages and there is also a translation page with it, which helps the users to switch over the language and see the translation and use the information.


The other Live USB creator programs that are available in the market are not as fast and quick as the UNetbootin. This program is also capable of helping the users to perfectly conduct the function without any problem being faced by them. This is the cross platform program that is available for your help and benefits. It allows you to gain the advantage of bootable USB flash drives over the CDs and DVDs. As compared to others, this program also helps you in carrying a fully functional operational system.


The excellent and marvelous features of the program help the users to experience Live USB creator without burning their CDs. It supports the persistence of Live USB and also helps the users to gain the wonderful advantages that are offered by this cross platform utility. It aids you to gain access to a bootable USB drive, which can be very useful for you to have a backup in case of your broken computer or other unwanted disasters. It has a built-in support for different Linux and Windows distributions, which can be installed through hard disk image file. It also allows you to store your data in the flash drive and access it whenever required.


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