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You usually come across a lot of applications that display advertisements which stay frozen until you click a button. Unchecky is a useful free software application which helps you and saves you a lot of time by automatically declining offers that pops up when you open a new application. This version of software is available for all versions of Windows Operating system namely, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


Unchecky is a simple tool that can be easily installed on your PC. It does not have a particular interface which is visible to the users but instead it runs in the background and automatically disables any unwanted malware advertisements while you are busy in working. When you are installing a new software application that involves any kind of offers on your PC, Unchecky also displays a wide range of options from which you can choose as in what happens to that offer. You might have experienced the sudden addition of a toolbar in your Internet Explorer application.  At times such as these, if you have Unchecky installed on your PC, it disables the unnecessary addition of such an unwanted toolbar. Unchecky also displays a warning message when a new offer has been claimed or installed on your PC. Unchecky does not have a graphical UI which might become its only drawback in the circle of users who look out for attractive applications.


Unchecky is a one of its kind software tool that has lesser competition from similar software tools. However, there exist some tools like ‘Should I remove it’, Decrap, Crap Killer and PC Decrapifier. Should I remove it comes as a handy tool when you are unsure about which application is useful for your Computer. DeCrap and Crap Killer works in almost the same way as Unchecky. PC Decrapifier scans your computer for malware and useless applications, and prompts you to uninstall them. Being a simple software application, Unchecky holds it in terms of wide popularity among all the others.


Unchecky is a new and simple software tool that has many advantages when installed on your computer. It occupies very little space (just 700 KB) and does not affect your processing speed as well. Being a very simple-to-use tool, it is recommended that you install this application and be free from all the unwanted offers and advertisements in the future.


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