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If you are a professional photographer or even an amateur one, and have lots of digital photos to work with, the suitable protection of these with the use of watermarks is an absolutely essential point to be kept in mine. Watermarking your digital images gives you a copyright over them, and even if they are shared with or by other people without your knowledge, your name shall still be there in the photographs. Various watermarking software are available in today’s world and uMark Professional is one of its kind application to do this work.


The principal feature of this software includes its simple and easy to use interface. There are various additional options like adding an image or text as watermark too. The software comes along with loads of configuration options like changing the font, transparency, rotation, etc. Other features include its ability to retain the image quality of the final output file, and its quick and reliable performance. One drawback may include the fact that its professional version is available for free but only for a trial period of 15 days.


Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher are the other watermarking tools that you can use as alternatives to uMark. Adobe Photoshop is a very sophisticated software, and includes a lot of professional and complex features. It takes a lot of memory and is heavy software to install on your PC or laptop. Similarly, Microsoft Publisher is not a very popular tool as it also lacks a lot of options and is not very simple or intuitive to use as well.


This software is a great tool to have on your system if are into photography and digital image editing.  Watermarking your digital images gives you both protection and fame at the same time. So, having a decent and renowned watermarking software like uMark is quite a good investment. It is easy to use, simple and comes with an intuitive interface which makes it a favourite option among both professional and amateur photographers. The wide range of features and configurations that it provides is a good way to explore, and also discover the various styles and kinds of watermarks.


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