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UltraSearch is an easy to use quick tool which, when installed searches the files on the NTFS hard drives. It is a high end user customizable tool. Based on the search criteria given, it pops out the results in a very fast manner.


UltraSearch makes use of an algorithm called master file table, which is one of the algorithm used for NTFS system. This actually helps in increasing the speed of the search criteria. The graphical user interface is very intuitive and user friendly which is suitable for audiences with minimum or no experience in searching the files. One has to just enter the file or folder to be searched and mention the drive where the search needs to be done. User can customize the search criteria as per their wish. It is possible to exclude the search in specific folders, and also based on regular expressions, wild cards or full names.

When searched, it gives the list of files under the name column, a path in which the file is located, its respective size, the date it was last modified, and accessed and the file type. The tool basically does not search on the recycle bin and the system volume integration. The outputs of the search can be saved as a list and the file names could be sorted in ascending or descending order. The output page lists the drives, which were searched, the amount of space utilized in the drive and the amount of space which is free and it also gives the percentage of the free space.

User can customize many of the options in the tool. Audience can set the units in which the size of the file has to be displayed. One can set the values in Bytes, KB, MB and GB from the view column. It is set to Automatic unit by default, which is KB. It is also possible to get the time along with the date. There are many shortcut ways to run the tool just by using shortcut keys, which is done by ultra-search keyboard short cut tab in the options menu. Also, this tool runs automatically as and when the new drive gets added.


Launchy, Everything, Docfetcher, Locate32, etc., are some of the tools which work in a similar manner like UltraSearch. Most of these tools take a lot of time for searching because the drives are indexed first which results in a very tedious time consuming process. UltraSearch uses master file table algorithm, which makes it work very fast. This is one of the most unique features of this tool.


UltraSearch is the best search tool, which could be used by one and all. Being a freeware, it offers so many different features, which make UltraSearch a must have tool in its category.


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